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In the modern world we have all these technologies around us that we use in everyday life to make our lives easier and stay connected. These technological ways of communication have almost become extensions of our body. We carry them in our pockets, on our wrist and over or in our ears.
We are now connected with each other at any time of the day. Yet in this world of technologies where it is easier to communicate with one another, we feel more and more lonely. Connection is lost… we are disconnected face to face. The innovations and technologies that are supposed to help us, damages us instead. A fundamental element to communication is our senses, but we have been distanced from them. The interaction on a physical level with one another has a very big influence on human health, bonding, and communication.
In love communication is key. But a maybe bigger key is our senses.
Through our senses can emotions be created. But what if we could communicate and perceive each other in a different way? Through another form of sensing that amplifies our emotions in love. To feel closer to another person and get greater affection.

My design concept for the future of love is another technological device that allows you to sense in a different way, like the octopus can taste and sense light through their skin or the radiational detection of a snake that allows you to sense warm bodies from a distance.This could redefine how we perceive our partners and loved ones. This will open another dept to a relationship. Create more passion and fidelity. The devices compliment the partners to become one.
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